"I worked with Stacy for four years and in that time she led four separate biotech facility builds.  These projects ranged in scope from ~10,000 up to 250,000 sq. ft. of mixed use office and lab space.  Each project was beautifully done and completed on-time and on-budget, which in retrospect is amazing given the lack of time and resources she had to work with.  What impresses me most about Stacy is that she is organized and laser focus on the task at hand but somehow still able to see the big picture and juggle dozens of competing priorities at once".


Eric Sullivan, CFO


"I worked with Stacy at a start-up biotech company, where she led initiatives in rapid hiring, culture development, and facilities.  Stacy is thoughtful, empathetic, and highly organized, which helps facilitate success of the broader team.  She developed a fun working environment that stayed focused on results through shifting priorities and personnel changes.  She identified and obtained facilities, equipment, and human resources that our worked needed to rapidly advance company goals.  I am very impressed by her foresight to prepare a facility not just for the immediate early stage, but for future expansion, rearrangement, and addition of new equipment.  I would love to work with Stacy again because she has shown her ability to lead projects to success".

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Jon Platt, Sr. Manager, Process Development